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Nahuna Point aka Turtle Town

This site should be called “Five Names” as it has been known as Five Caves, Five Graves, Turtle Town, Makena Landing, and Nahuna Point.

No matter what name you call it, the dive site is a great shallow scuba dive that offers an abundance of Green Sea Turtles, multi-colored fish, eels, archways you can swim through, coral, cleaner shrimp, and so much more. Eagle Rays have also made Turtle Town a frequent destination.

a dog swimming in a body of water
a person swimming in the water

This is offered as a second dive site option (with Molokini Crater usually as our first dive) for our certified scuba dive trips and it is an excellent location for snorkeling.

Our Introductory Dives are often held here, as new divers emerge ecstatic about the abundance of sea life and the ease of the dive.

The profile is 45 feet for the duration of the tank.

Other diving options along the Makena and Wailea coast of Maui are Pu’u o’lai Caverns off of Little Beach in Makena, the WWII Tank and Landing Craft wrecks off of Makena, and the Saint Anthony Wreck off of Wailea.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.

a turtle swimming under water

Located off the coast of Wailea, Nahuna Point is an excellent snorkeling location full of coral reefs and marine life. Known for their abundance of Green Sea Turtles (honu), this location is referred to as Turtle Town – with additional names such as: Five Caves, Five Graves, and Makena Landing. According to traditional Hawaiian culture, it is believed that the presence of these Honu represent prosperity, sanctuary, and divinity. Therefore, when you come across these gentle giants on your snorkeling journey, take it as a positive sign of peace and clarity.

Traveling from Kihei Boat Ramp, our charters take guests on a 4-hour excursion from the Molokini Crater to Turtle Town. All trips are accompanied by our certified captains and snorkel instructors, top-of-the-line snorkel gear, as well as our provided snack, meal, and beverage services. In addition to this site along the Makena Coast of Maui, we also offer the best snorkeling tours to the St. Anthony Wreck, Pu’u O’lai Caverns, WWII Tank and Landing Craft, and WWII Airplane. Note that all dive sites are weather permitting.

Journey with us to experience Maui’s turquoise waters, marine biodiversity, and fascinating underwater topography. Book your next snorkeling excursion with us here at Makena Coast Charters!