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St. Anthony Wreck

Off shore from Wailea, this fishing troller was sunk in 60 feet of water, amidst an artificial reef.

An abundance of sea life has since taken up residency on and around the boat. Two frogfish frequently hang out on the deck, nicknamed “The Captain” and “Little Buddy”.

A typical dive at St. Anthony includes watching turtles leisurely swim to the surface for air and then settle back down on the deck of the wreck while schools of Weke, goatfish, circle, and dart in synchronicity around the divers.

The artificial reef is made up of cement blocks and tires which can be a bit jarring if unexpected. While not our favorite materials, they have created an environment of abundant sea life.

This dive profile is 60 foot and is usually offered as a second dive option.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.

The St. Anthony was originally a shrimper boat in Louisiana. However, when that industry collapsed, the ship was delivered to Hawaii and scheduled to be sunk for removal from Honolulu Bay. In an effort to divert the popularity from other natural dive sites and preserve their natural coral reefs, Jim Housh, a marine industry lobbyist, took an opportunity to relocate this ship for an additional diving site. What was once junk became the unique site that we have today.

Located off shore from Wailea, near Keawakapu Beach, this 65 foot vessel is surrounded by an artificial reef of cement and tires – fostering an environment for local fish that continue to thrive here, like goatfish (otherwise referred to as Weke by locals). An abundance of other sea life has also taken up residency on and around the boat; turtles leisurely hang around the deck, alongside two frogfish, whom we’ve nicknamed “The Captain” and “Little Buddy”.

We provide professional guidance and gear for your journey. Check out our excursions to similar wreckages, such as: WWII Tank and Landing Craft, and WWII Airplane. Please note that all dive site visits are permitted based on weather conditions. Our FAQ page has more detailed information. However, feel free to Contact Us directly if you have any other questions or concerns. If you’re looking to snorkel at a unique site, then search no further! Book your next underwater adventure with us here at Makena Coast Charters!