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Maui Snorkel Sites


TAn aquarium in the Sea!

Molokini is a crater three miles off the coast of Makena, Maui, and offers excellent scuba diving! What is visible from above water is a half-circle crater which is a sanctuary to Hawaii’s sea bird population. This unique site is a Marine Sanctuary that offers a special set of dive conditions and a wide variety sea life.

The visibility is almost always 100-200 feet and water temps of 74-82 degrees. Even after 25 years of scuba diving there, we still see things we’ve never seen before. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles do not visit Molokini, but from time to time the rare Hawksbill turtle will be seen there. Manta Rays, Sharks, Moray Eels, and millions of tropical, colorful fish can be seen. The Humpback Whales come to Maui between Dec. and May and are always a treat.


There are several scuba diving sites at Molokini Crater; our favorites are:

  • Reef’s End
  • Back Wall (offered on Expedition Dive Days—Wed and Fri.)
  • Mid-Reef—Hard coral gardens
  • Enenu’i

How deep do we dive?

We typically do the first dive, the deeper dive, at Molokini to a depth of 80-85 feet, and then continue the dive at multi-levels with the majority of the dive being in 60 feet of water.

How long is the dive?

While there are always variables that may effect the length of the dive, (depth, air consumption) we typically do the first dive for 30-40 minutes.

a fish swimming under water

The part of Molokini Crater visible above water is shaped like a crescent moon. Out of one corner of that crescent is an underwater of reef that extends the edge another quarter of the way around, as if a 3/4 circle.

a close up of a tree

The back wall of Molokini Crater is a spectacular dive, as the sheer wall of the crater drops from 200 feet above the surface to over 300 feet below!

This dive is reserved for advanced or experienced scuba divers as expert buoyancy control is a must!

a fish swimming under water

The Enenu’i dive site at Molokini Crater is located on the opposite end of the cresent from Reef’s End.

This dive offers a reef environment with crystal clear waters, an abundance of sea life, a potential drift dive toward the Back Wall and great visibility.


Molokini’s Mid-Reef is in the center of the crater while Reef’s End and Enenu’i are on opposite points of the crescent.

Multitudes of fish and eels dart in and out of the crevices and holes treating divers to a rainbow of colors.


The Makena Coast of Maui is the south coast of Wailea and Makena offers a very different terrain for SCUBA diving than Molokini and remarkably different sea life for being such a short distance apart.

The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles live along Maui’s beautiful coast line making the diving extra delightful. Spotted Eagle Rays, White Tipped Reef Sharks, Frog Fish, Octopus and a myriad others species are often seen at these dive sites. Of course, finding them is more likely when you have one of our expert Dive Masters and Instructors leading you!

While we can’t guarantee specific wildlife on any particular dive, we dive in two diverse areas to heighten your likelihood of seeing desired aquatic life.

underwater view of a swimming pool

Off shore from Wailea, this fishing troller was sunk in 60 feet of water, amidst an artificial reef. An abundance of sea life has since taken up residency on and around the boat.

A typical dive at the St. Anthony includes watching turtles leisurely swim to the surface for air and then settle back down on the deck of the wreck while schools of Weke, goat fish, circle and dart in synchronicity around the divers.

a turtle swimming under water

This site should be called “Five Names” as it has been known as Five Caves, Five Graves, Turtle Town, Makena Landing and Nahuna Point.

No matter what name you call it, the dive site is a great shallow scuba dive (40 ft) that usually offers an abundance of Green Sea Turtles, multi-colored fish, eels, archways you can swim through, coral, cleaner shrimp, and so much more.

a man swimming in the water

Pu’u o lai is a site that we dive as a drift dive, moving from the bay just off the Makena Golf and Beach Resort toward “Big Beach” and “Little Beach” of the Makena Coast.

Moving with the current, if there is one, divers are treated to lava rock formations, caverns, corals and the wonderful—Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.

a colorful fish

Remnants of World War II, the Tank and Landing Craft wrecks are in 60 feet of crystal clear water off the coast of the Makena Golf and Beach Resort. Still recognizable after 60+ years underwater, eels have taken up residency in the pipes and barrels.

This WWII Airplane was found as a dive site as recently as 2010. While we have tried to offer it as a regular attraction, the visibility and conditions have made it challenging to provide on a consistent basis.