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Molokini Back Wall

The back wall of Molokini Crater is a spectacular dive, as the sheer wall of the crater drops from 200 feet above the surface to over 300 feet below!

This dive is reserved for advanced or experienced scuba divers as expert buoyancy control is a must!

We offer this dive on our Expedition Dive Trips on Tuesdays and Fridays—but we may do it other days as well, so be sure to ask.

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Because the dive is bordered by open ocean, we never know what might swim by: dolphins, mantas, whales, and sharks have all made an appearance there!

The typical sea life on the back wall is not as prevalent as it is at Reef’s End or Mid-Reef, but the sheer wall, deep water and sun rays all interact to make a beautiful sight. Sometimes we begin a back wall dive at Enenu’i and drift around to the back wall.

The back wall is dived as a drift dive, or live boat dive, so you want to be sure you can descend and ascend without a line, maintain a 15 foot safety stop (without a line to hold on to) and have excellent buoyancy control so you don’t exceed the profile depths.

Back Wall dives (as all dive sites) are weather and skill level dependent. We will screen you at the time of reservation for your experience level.

This dive profile is generally run to 80-85 feet.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.

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