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Mid Reef Coral Gardens

Molokini’s Mid-Reef is in the center of the crater while Reef’s End and Enenu’i are on opposite points of the crescent.

The depths range from 30-80 feet over a beautiful carpet of coral. Multitudes of fish and eels dart in and out of the crevices and holes treating divers to a rainbow of colors.

a fish swimming under water

The abundance of sea life at the edge of mid-reef is offset by the brilliant turquoise back drop of open ocean beyond.

This dive may be the finishing touch of the Reef’s End dive after passing the Garden Eels that dwell in the sand channel between the two sites, or it is dived as a second dive to a maximum of 60 feet. An abundance of reef fish, eels, white tip reef sharks and a passing manta may be the visual treat of the day.

A lone, rare and endangered Hawksbill Turtle occasionally takes up residency here, as does an endangered Monk Seal from time to time, neither is at all shy about saying hello to divers.

Even some dolphins, a random Whale Shark, or the seasonal Humpback Whales may grace us with their presence on a dive at Molokini Mid Reef.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.

underwater view of a swimming pool