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WWll Tank and Landing Craft

Remnants of World War II, the Tank and Landing Craft wrecks are in 60 feet of crystal clear water off the coast of the Makena Golf and Beach Resort.

Still recognizable after 60+ years underwater, eels have taken up residency in the pipes and barrels. A strange mix of weaponry and old ammunition are interspersed with a plethora of sea life. Schools of Weke or goat fish swim around the wreck in synchronistic harmony. Octopus are regularly found here.

a colorful fish
underwater view of a swimming pool

The short swim from one wreck to the other over a sandy bottom, offers an opportunity to find shells. Fragile, but beautiful, Sea Biscuit’s litter the sandy bottom and challenge scuba divers to pick them up without breaking them.

The Tank and Landing Craft are offered as a second dive with a profile of 60 feet for 30.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.