Introductory Dives—Discover Scuba

Introductory Divers are those who would like to SCUBA dive but who are not certified. Unfortunately, due to insurance changes, we no longer offer introductory dives on our shared boat charters. However, we may be able to accommodate you on a private charter, or you can enroll in a certification class! We can also hire a private instructor to accommodate Introductory Divers on our shared boat.

How it works:
 While the certified divers are on the deeper dive at Molokini Crater, you will be receiving about a 30-45 minute course on the boat about how to dive safely. You will then be able to snorkel at Molokini. Your dive will be along the along the Makena coast of Maui where the Green Sea Turtles live. (Introductory Divers aren’t allowed to dive at Molokini unless it is part of a scuba certification course.) We usually do our Introductory Dives either at Turtle Town/Nahuna Point or at Pu’u o’lai in a maximum of 40 feet of water.

You will be led by a Dive Instructor on a scuba dive to a maximum of 40 feet in depth at one of the wonderful dive sites along the Makena Coast of Maui..
It is an awesome experience and is an excellent prelude to getting certified as you will discover how much fun diving is!

FAQ about Introductory Dives

When can we go? 
Please call to inquire.  We now ONLY OFFER Introductory Dives on Private Charters or with Private Instructors. WE NO LONGER OFFER Introductory dives on our daily charters.Call 808-874-1273 for information and reservations!

How long is the dive?
The dive is anywhere from 30-60 minutes, depending on how good you are on your air. The average scuba dive at 40 feet is 45 minutes.

Can we dive with our family members who are certified?
  You will be on the same boat, and diving in the same area, but you will likely have different dive leaders. Introductory divers are limited to two to a dive instructor and one on one if a minor. These restrictions make diving on a shared boat challenging, consequently, we provide introductory dives as a service on our private charters whenever possible, but not on a shared boat.

Can we do two introductory dives instead of one?
 This is a little challenging due to time constraints, but not impossible if it is a private charter. Feel free to ask us when you call, but the answer will depend on several variables.

How much does your introductory dive trip cost?
 It costs $149 for your spot on the boat and $150 for the instruction. ($299 total). If there are two of you, the second person pays for spot on the boat and $50 for the instruction (if you are under 18 class must be per person as one-on-one with instructor is required). This includes the 4-hour charter, the instruction and all the equipment. A private charter is $1500 and includes the instruction.

What is included? The boat charter, instruction, snorkeling, one dive, all the equipment and refreshments: Muffins are served in the morning and refreshments and beverages are served between dives. You will be back before lunch time.

What are the age requirements?
 You must be at least 10 years old to dive and mature enough to sit through a 30-45 minute class, pay attention and answer questions regarding the safety requirements of SCUBA diving.

Are their medical requirements? YES! PLEASE NOTE: Introductory Scuba Divers MUST be in good health with NO MEDICAL PROBLEMS, you can not be on ANY prescription medications (other than birth control) unless you have a doctor’s note, you can not have asthma or any respiratory or heart issues and you can not be pregnant. You will be required to fill out a medical form at the boat. If you opt to get a doctor’s permission, it must specifically state that you are okay to scuba dive with your medical condition and on any specific medication that you may be on.

Other requirements:

It is MANDATORY that the diver be a comfortable swimmer and preferably a snorkeler.

Introductory scuba divers also must be fluent in English.

Introductory Divers must not go to elevation above 1000 feet for a minimum of 12 hours after they dive. This includes helicopters, airplanes, driving up Haleakala and most of the island’s ziplines.

  • Call 808-874-1273 for more information and reservations for Scuba Diving Maui!

    Please keep the time difference in mind! We are 2-3 hours earlier than the west coast and 5-6 hours earlier than the east.

    Departure Address: Kihei Boat Ramp across the street from 2777 South Kihei Road, Kihei, HI 96753

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