Expedition Dive Days—Experienced Diving

Snorkel01smWe designed Expedition Dive Days especially for our more experienced and advanced divers, and for repeat divers who want to do something different. These are two-tanks charters. (Three tank charters are available on a private charter basis) Captain Steve Hogan will often be leading these expeditions. Accompanying snorkelers are welcome—but the dive sites are catered to the diver and are often in deeper waters on Expedition Dive Days. Great snorkeling still, but you have to be more comfortable in the water.

FAQ about Expedition Dive Days

Molokini Back Wall Diver MauiHow “experienced” do I have to be? What if I have a lot of dives but not an advanced certification card? For us, your skill and number of dives is more important than your level of certification. When you call, we will ask you how many dives you have done and how recently you last went diving.



What we are looking for in terms of skill are:

1) Good buoyancy control —as the Back Wall of Molokini is nearly 400 feet deep and we clearly don’t want you to exceed our intended dive profile (usually 85 feet).

2) The ability to descend and ascend without a line as this is a live boat drift dive. Consequently, you will need to be able to do your safety stop without holding on to a line.

Where do we go? The Back Wall of Molokini is a highly requested dive site, so it is often the planned dive site of the day. However, there are are several other possibilities:
Molokini Enenu’i drift,
Molokini Reef’s End Drift, the 85 foot pinnacles, manta dives, exploring uncharted dive sites…maybe even Lanai or Molokai on special weather days (priced accordingly)

When can we go? Expedition Dive Days are offered regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, it is possible to do the back wall on other days, so let us know if you have special requests.

ALL DIVE SITES AND ACTIVITIES ARE WEATHER CONDITIONS PERMITTING and are based on “Captain’s Call” meaning that based on his experience and expertise, the Captain has the last word on where, and whether, we go.

All dive sites are weather conditions permitting.
Call 808-874-1273 for information and reservations!

Please keep the time difference in mind! We are 2-3 hours earlier than the west coast and 5-6 hours earlier than the east.